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We bring affordable housing options to our clients that would help them to house and take care of aging parents, give their grown children a chance to save for their own homes, increase home values, and build wealth for their families.


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Our ADU Products

An ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit that is a separate dwelling space from the original home located on the home owner's property. It's a stand alone building that has its own foundation and contains its own kitchen, bathroom, living area, and can be a studio, one, or two bedroom home. Do you need a home office, space for aging parents, or a secondary home for adult children? Have you thought about generating rental income from an investment property? We have the ADU for YOUR needs!


Palm Springs

Starting at $235,000

Studio living at its best! If you're limited on backyard space or financing.



Starting at $255,000

Enjoy a spacious bedroom that includes a built-in wardrobe for convenient storage.


Santa Monica

Starting a $275,000

The Santa Monica is an expanded one-bedroom unit with plenty of liveable space.


Newport Beach

Starting at $275,000

This luxuriously spacious unit has two bedrooms located on opposite ends of the home for privacy.

Designer finishes, landscaping, and permit fees not included. Our representatives will gladly discuss costs with you
before construction to plan accordingly.


What Makes ADU Warehouse Different?

Other ADU Companies

  • Single Option

    ADU companies represent just their products so you are limited to what they offer.

  • No Support

    Traditional ADU companies require you to manage
    the permit process, find financing options, and hire
    landscapers. Their standard role is to solely build
    and install the ADU.

  • Builders Only

    ADU companies are builders and focus on one
    aspect of your investment: installing the unit and
    their purpose ends there.

ADU Warehouse

  • Multiple ADU Company Options

    ADU companies represent just their products so you are limited to what they offer.

  • We're your turn-key solution for all things ADU!

    From applying for permits to connecting you to lenders to hiring landscapers, we are hands-on with your project from start to finish.

  • You are Working with a Team

    ADU Warehouse is comprised of a team of
    licensed contractors and real estate agents. As
    industry professionals, we'll help you maximize
    your investment.


Design your ADU to your style and to match your existing home. We have a variety of elevations to customize the exterior of your ADU along with a plethora of options for flooring, paint colors, backsplashes, and more.

  • Fiber Cement Horizontal Shiplap Siding (Smooth) - White, Light Gray, Tan, (Custom Paint Option Available)
  • Fiber Cement Panels (Smooth or Textured) - White, Light Gray, Tan, (Custom Paint Option Available)
  • Fiber Cement Board & Batten (Smooth) - White, Light Gray, Tan, (Custom Paint Option Available) (UPGRADE)
  • Classic Crystal Granite with Radiance Finish, Calcutta Marble with SatinTouch Finish
  • Quartz - White, Black (Upgrade)
  • Chatsworth Walk Luxury Vinyl Plank
  • Portland Pine Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank
  • AquaSeal Great Plains Oak (UPGRADE)
  • Virginia Mill Works Monterey Bay Hickory (UPGRADE)
  • Builder's Pride Onyx Oak (UPGRADE)
  • 3 x 12 Canvas Matte Ceramic Tile - Meringue, Raven (UPGRADE FOR BATHROOM FLOOR)

Our Process

Discover the world of ADUs and how they can be customized for your unique needs. You’ll talk with our Frontline Managers to set an appointment with one of our ADU Specialists for an initial consultation. This is a virtual meeting for your convenience to answer any questions you may have. Our goal will be to determine the specific solutions for your unique situation.

From lot size to style to budget, the variety of ADU design solutions available for your needs are limitless.

At our first meeting, we’ll discuss your current and future needs so that as your family grows, matures, and evolves, so can your ADU structure.

We’ll go over a preliminary property evaluation to determine what size and style of ADU best fits your lot, look at some potential options from various companies, and then we’ll go over city and state regulations to make sure that the structures we tentatively have chosen abide by these guidelines.

Our licensed contractor will thoroughly assess your site and inform you of the logistics of the process which includes a full pricing proposal and a feasibility report with the county and how this build will affect current landscaping, power, sewer hookups and more.

We do it all! Before we break ground, our team will apply for the required permits, work with the city planner and permitting departments, and take care of the legal paperwork on your behalf.

We understand this process and we’re here to explain each step so there'll be no surprises down the road. Once the permits are approved, your ADU will start to be made on the assembly line.

Our trusted and licensed contractors will arrive on your property and assemble your custom ADU. We’ll partner with local landscapers, fencing companies, and other providers who may be needed to complete your vision.

You'll receive a new home valuation report for one of the team members at the Rick Fuller Team, while you enjoy your beautiful investment!

Ready for Your ADU?

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