Our ADU Products

An ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit that is a separate dwelling space from the original home located on the home owner's property. It's a stand alone building that has its own foundation and contains its own kitchen, bathroom, living area, and can be a studio, one, or two bedroom home. Do you need a home office, space for aging parents, or a secondary home for adult children? Have you thought about generating rental income from an investment property? We have the ADU for YOUR needs!


Palm Springs

Starting at $235,000

Studio living at its best! If you're limited on backyard space or financing.



Starting at $255,000

Enjoy a spacious bedroom that includes a built-in wardrobe for convenient storage.


Santa Monica

Starting at $275,000

The Santa Monica is an expanded one-bedroom unit with plenty of liveable space.


Newport Beach

Starting at $275,000

This luxuriously spacious unit has two bedrooms located on opposite ends of the home for privacy.

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