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Are you thinking about adding an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) to your backyard? It’s a great way to add additional living space to your property, but finding a reputable company can seem like a daunting task. So how do you find the best ADU companies in the Bay Area? Here are a few things to consider on your journey.

Know the Difference Between a Contractor and an ADU Company

You wouldn’t go to a new restaurant without checking it out on Yelp! first and if you’re like me, Google is your best friend to research everything from learning how to change the battery on your car key remote to discovering recipes for using butternut squash. The Internet has brought the world to our fingertips and it’s simple to learn about countless topics. However, ADUs are a relatively new concept and if you type in “ADU companies near me” you’ll get a ton of different results. For example, I typed in “ADU Companies” in Yelp! to check out reviews and the results were quite surprising. Most of the companies in my specific search were general contractors, remodeling companies, and builders… NOT ADU builders. 

That doesn’t make a difference, right? Wrong! An ADU is a specialized structure with unique permits, requirements, and the process in which its built impacts the price greatly. For example, if you choose a builder to create your ADU, then you may have to pay the high costs that go with designing and approving architectural plans. An ADU is a prefabricated home that is primarily built in a factory. This means that the design is established and the building is streamlined to drive down costs for you. So the first step towards finding the best ADU company in the Bay Area is to weed out those who aren’t even ADU companies at all!

ADU Floor Plans

Most ADU companies represent their products and only their products. Let’s say you’re going out to dinner. You’d likely choose a restaurant based on what they serve such as Italian food, barbecue, pizza, etc. Most ADU companies work in much the same way. They offer a distinct floor plan with four or five versions of it. Some have long and skinny models. Another company may have a modern, clean appearance while a competitor offers a few different elevations to appeal to different tastes. 

The key here is to determine the area where you want to put your ADU and find a company that offers models that fit your space. Also, review their website to see if their products fit in with the styling of your existing home and surrounding areas. You could find the best ADU company in the Bay Area but if their products don’t work with your property, then it really doesn’t make a difference how wonderful they are.

Seamless Process

The best ADU companies in the Bay Area have strong connections with the subcontractors that they work with. They’ll go over their strategy for building and completing your ADU which will include permit applications, building timelines, landscaping projects, and more. There’s a lot that goes into building an ADU and the best companies will respond to your calls and concerns, will keep you notified of the progress, and will do their best to keep you on time and on budget. A refined process means the less chance for surprises in time or financial overages!

The Best ADU Companies in the Bay Area Have Google Reviews

The first part is simple: go to your Google search engine and type in “the best ADU companies in the Bay Area”. Now this is the important part –  scroll down until you find the Google Map. Underneath that you’ll find a list of companies with their reviews. This is a great way to see what other people are saying. But remember what we said in point number one: ADU companies and general construction companies are not the same! You’ll have to weed out this list to find just the ADU companies. 

Here are a few tips when checking out reviews: a) the more detailed, the better. A short review like, “They were great and we got everything we wanted” is likely a review written by their Aunt Alice. On the other hand, a review that shares the problem (“my aging parents needed to live with us”), the solution (“so ACME ADU came up with the perfect two bedroom, one bath floor plan”), and the players involved (“the project manager, Troy, always called us back the same day and kept us on budget”) is likely a trustworthy review. 

What Makes ADU Warehouse One of the Best ADU Companies in the Bay Area 

At ADU Warehouse, we strive to be the best ADU company in the Bay Area by addressing all of the above criteria. Here’s what makes ADU Warehouse stand out from the crowd:

  1. ADU Warehouse is an ADU company made up of general contractors, real estate agents, entrepreneurs, landscapers, and lenders who work together to give you the best experience and product that we possibly can. We’re a team of experts whose main focus is to create happy clients. We know that the process is complicated, so from the very start we apply for permits on your behalf to the very end when we complete the landscaping – we’re your one stop shop for all things ADU.
  2. ADU Warehouse represents more than one ADU manufacturer so that you’re not limited to one set of floorplans. Remember when we talked about going to a restaurant for a specific type of meal? ADU Warehouse is more like a food court. While other companies take their models and try to fit them to suit your needs, we start first with your budget, needs, and property and pair you with the best ADU that fits your checklists.
  3. Since our team works closely together, you can feel confident in our process. Communication is key and we have consistent check-ins with each other and with you. We know that each client is making a large investment in their future and we respect your time and budget.
  4. We strive for a five star review with every project. We’re not building structures, we’re creating homes. We’re not working with clients, we’re partnering with real people who have dreams, families, and financial goals. 

So are you ready to work with the best ADU company in the Bay Area? Give us a call today! We’re here to answer any questions you may have!

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