Do you need more time, space, and money? Learn about what an ADU is and why you need one in your backyard!

There are three things that I don’t seem to have enough of: space, time, and money. Anyone feel the same way? Since COVID-19, an unexplainable shift has taken place in the universe causing my house to somehow shrink. While the square footage may seem the same, my living room is now functioning as my home office, home school supply station, music room, and where our Christmas tree, gifts, and wrapping supplies lived from December 1 – 26. 

This space suck has also metaphysically become a time suck: I’m constantly organizing, re-organizing, cleaning, repurposing, and then re-organizing my home once again and crossing my fingers that somehow everything will fit and function better this time. Yeah, not happening yet.

And do we want to even start talking about money? With the housing market being so hot right now and employment being uncertain, not only can I not afford the house I want, but I’m scared of a house payment I don’t want.

I know I’m not alone here. Times are tough but I found a solution that I am really excited about: ADUs.

Okay, so what’s an ADU? You may have heard of granny units, backyard houses, tiny homes, casitas, backyard homes, or prefab homes. Many times these terms have been used interchangeably. An ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit and it’s basically a full room or tiny house that lives in your backyard. It’s insulated, has plumbing and electricity, and is a cost-effective option for adding square footage to your property. 

So why do I want one? (And you will too!)

  1. More space – Okay, this is obvious, but I want my ADU to be my home office. No kids running in and out of it. No video games clouding my thoughts with “Pows!” and “Ka-Bams”! (Did I mention that my current office has an Xbox and flatscreen TV in it… on a shelf right above my desk and computer?) I could have a space for my files, recording equipment, and office supplies. My supplies would be MY supplies and my felt pens wouldn’t be out of ink and I would always be able to find my tape holder. I could decorate my space with bling and glitter knick knacks from Z Gallerie and my Zoom calls could have a cool background, not one with Crayons scattered on the coffee table. What would be in your dream home office?
  2. More time – While I can add more space, I clearly can’t add more time to the day. But that’s okay. What I realized is that I don’t need more time; I need to be more EFFECTIVE with my time. My own home office would mean less interruptions and less time straightening up and trying to make it work much like a square peg in a round hole. I could focus on one project at a time and eliminate the distractions that make me start, pause, stop, remember where I was at, restart, pause, distraction, where was I, hmmmm, what’s on Facebook, get a snack, get focused again, blah, blah, blah.

I’m someone who values organization and when my home is a mess, I can’t work. My home office would ALWAYS be clean and organized. 

  1. More money – Working more would mean more money, but like the proverbial saying goes, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Right now, moving isn’t the best option for us, but we do need more space. ADUs are cost effective for the following reasons:
    1. The parts are made in a factory and assembled on site – It’s like puzzle pieces that are put together on your property. A custom tiny home would cost a small fortune, but having prefab parts makes it manageable!
    2. Potential for rental income – Did you know that the State of California has offered grants and financial incentives for people to build and rent out ADUs? They understand that the state is in a housing crisis and that the demand exceeds the supply so this is a great way to create affordable housing.
    3. A safe place for mom and dad – My parents are Baby Boomers and like millions of others, we’re concerned about what the future may hold. I would be willing to give up my home office so that I know my parents are safe, healthy, and well taken care of. (Which means my home office ADU needs to have a bathroom and kitchen now for future use, and I’m totally okay with that!). Did you know that the average cost of senior assisted living in California is $4,500 a month?!!! The longer that we can care for our parents, the better we’ll be in a financially stable position to pay for care when they really need it. 
    4. College kids – Now let’s look at the other end of the spectrum. I have two daughters and college these days costs a fortune. “The average annual in-state college tuition in California was $14,229 for the 2018-2019 academic year,” according to An ADU would give my daughter a space of her own and privacy without having the additional costs of a dorm or apartment and the fees that go with them. When she’s gone, the other kid can move in!

You know what else I found out? ADU Warehouse makes this process easy, fun, and affordable. Honestly, I was really scared to take the first step, but I talked to Joe from ADU Warehouse and he explained everything to me. We talked about cost, timelines, permits, and floorplan options, and I’m ready to get started. Now I’m more excited than ever to get my home office with my own kitchenette and bathroom. So what are you waiting for? Call ADU Warehouse today! The only thing you have to lose is time, space, and money!

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