Why and How

Our Story

We are a team made up of real estate investors, real estate agents, and contractors. Together, we noticed a common problem: there isn't enough housing in California and the housing that is available is extremely expensive. That's when we discovered the ADU solution. We could bring
affordable housing options to our clients that would help them to house and take care of aging parents, give their grown children a chance to save for their own homes, increase home values, and build wealth for their families.

With our combined experience and professional relationships, we could also manage the complicated process of permits, construction, financing, insurance policy reviews, home valuation reports, and rental income
estimates so our clients wouldn't have to. With these combined efforts working together on your behalf, you can have the confidence that you're making the best investment towards your future!

ADU Warehouse was born of necessity and succeeds through customer service. We are honored to serve you!


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